KD Luxury

​The home of Luxury for Caviar, Fine Epicerie & Golden labels

KD Luxury  is a premium London based caviar purveyor company with a huge ephasis in selecting the finest caviar from some of the best sturgeon farms around the world.

With a huge passion and dedication to selecting the finest  sturgeons caviar
​ in the world, Kd Luxury has become a leading supplier for these magical pearls to selected connoisseurs, chefs and caviar lovers.

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Touché Life

Touché Life was launched in 2018. Managed by a team specialising in the field of luxury & lifestyle. We aim to offer our members a unique service & make them live unforgettable moments through luxury and astounding experiences. Whether  through travel, retreats, gastronomy, events, entertainment or fashion, we strive in achieving excellence for our clients.  This has become our unique trend and philosophy in the world of luxury. Our experience and understanding in the lifestyle sector are what sets us apart and our dedication to our clients and their day to day requests is sector. We’re trusted by some of the best- and well-known names in the world of showbiz and custom made goods. 

Beetec Distribution

Welcome to beetec , one of the world’s new and fastest growing technology distribution specialist service providers, we partner with 250+ global technology brands and over 2500 resellers, e-commerce operators and retailors.

Together Thank You

​Together thank you is a new initiative with the aim to bringing a fresh smile and message of kindness to everyone around the globe. ​The affects of mental health and depression caused by the current crisis has affected many people and our initiative is here to shed a new light onto our future with hope and prosperity.


After being involved in several charitable work around the globe, Khalid Dahbi's love affair with giving back and with charity has enabled him to start his own foundation called KD Foundation. It aims to help the most deprived population around the world. Get involved and support us on our website. ​

KD Pures ​

KD Pures focuses on the health and well being of the body, offering a large range of organic and freshly squeezed juices. We produce the purest juices possible using the best quality products. Our juices are cold pressed daily and immediately bottled in their natural raw state in order to preserve their nutritional vitality and flavour.

Kindred Social

Kindred enables its users to share what they love and make genuine recommendations on their social channels, whilst promoting significant savings on some of the world’s top brands and local stores. As people accept advocates’ recommendations, a percentage of these sales goes to the advocate and directly to a charity that they choose. Kindred is the new way for brands to engage directly with customers and harness the power of word-of-mouth. It’s creating the new global community of conscious consumers. Be part of the Kindred family and raise money for the charities you care about every time you shop. Be kind, be Kindred.


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Jeune Chef Jeune Serveur

The KD Scholarship Jeune Chef Jeune Serveur Competition promotes hospitality as a career of choice, a profession, and a vocation. One of the key goals is to create and nurture new stars in the kingdom and set them up for successful careers, in addition to showcasing the best locations and properties through this competition.

Together Morocco

A creative agency for a digital world. Together Morocco is focused on promoting Moroccan brands across the world.

Kingdom to Kingdom

Kingdom to Kingdom Green Journey is a new motoring adventure and charitable endeavour that celebrates the great change towards electrification of transport with an objective to highlight the importance of a greener environment for our future.

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